1. Disney’s Dumbo rebooted as real life movie

    After Malificent was a success Disney now wants to make a real life Dumbo movie. I really hope that they go all CGI on the elephants and do not use real ones or I’m calling PETA myself

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  2. Lego movie

    Who didn’t grew up playing with the denmark stones?

    I saw the movie the other day. It was nice but not very exciting or too funny. sure there were moments you catch yourself smile but nothing more. It’s a nice idea with a nice message but nothing more. Maybe kids like it more than I do.

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  3. Godzilla in 3D (really?)

    This weekend I went to see Godzilla. It just was the wrong movie choice for me. In the movie’s defense, I was a little buzzed as I was at a birthday party before. (actually this should have been in the favor of the movie).

    The movie started with a sequence of a preview of wars of man kind and atom bombs in the past. On a map there was an island shown called “Bikini” - first laugh - Godzilla hides and lives in Bikini Bottom and is Sponge Bob’s friend. Also the place “Kanto” was mentioned. Me as a 90’s kid immediately thought of Pokémon and then right at the beginning the movie was over for me. It just seemed like a battle between Pokémon Kangama or Lavitar and Kabutops. Here are two pictures, maybe you can relate:



    The final battle took place in San Francisco. As I was on the Pokémon train San Francisco was the Safari Zone where these rare Pokémon fought. 

    I guess Pokémon was copied by Godzilla in the first place, but it still was ridiculous. Throw in a Pikachu and a few others and you have the perfect Pokémon real movie

    Regarding 3D: There isn’t a movie out there were 3D couldn’t be more useless! Not once Godzilla or the other monster ran/jumped/flew/swam towards you. Godzilla once tried to scream at you but that was a 3D fail. The one time I flinched was when a pigeon flew agains a window (and that wasn’t even a 3D effect)

    In my Opinion this movie could have ended faster if they just used master Pokéballs and caught them, then I wouldn’t had to sit through an hour of Dolby Atmos screaming.

    To conclude, the movie maybe is for Godzilla fans who were amazed by the first installments when they were young, but not for me.

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  4. The new Tom Cruise

    What is up with that saying that Zac Efron is the new Tom Cruise?

    I get that the Ladies were fond of Tom Cruise back in the days (or still are) and now they are into Zac Efron, but what else is to compare? If I look back on the fimography of Tom Cruise first Top Gun and Mission Impossible come to mind. As I researched this topic a little I got reminded that there were some comedies and dramas with Tom Cruise as well, which is actually my point. Name one Action movie that Zac Efron was in. I only can recall High School Musical and some other chick flicks.

    I don’t know, but back in the days movies seemed to have more “meaning”. So for me Mr. Efron is not the new Tom Cruise. I thought Taylor Lautner was supposed to become the new Tom Cruise as he was driving around on a bike in Twilight and he actually did an action movie, but I guess this cooled off as well…

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  5. iPhone release

    If it is true the new iPhone will be for sales 18. September

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  6. Future of Glee - Plans revealed after Cory’s death

    The show goes on

    After the sudden death of Cory Monteith there was an emergency producers/writers meeting. Now producer Ryan Murphy spoke. Basically it was all up to Lea Michele. Ryan Murphy told if she wasn’t able to return to the set, Glee would have been over. But Lea stepped up and said that they all should be together in this time. Therefore Glee will return on Septermber 26 with Season 5. Originally it was scheduled to come back September 19, but production was delayed due to the tragic event. The first two episodes, including a tribute to the Beatles, will be happening as already planned back in May. Nothing has been rewritten there, only some modifications. I guess other actors took over for Cory Monteith numbers. Now the third episode will be a tribute to late Cory Monteith so the fans can say goodbye to Finn. After the three episodes there will be a hiatus which could go on until January 2014. It is not clear yet when Glee will return. It depends how the cast will be dealing. For the first two weeks shooting season 5 there will be grief counselors on set to help the young cast deal.

    Ryan added that everybody is trying to follow Lea’s lead, how she wants to memorize him.

    So far Lea did a very good job in her position wanting to continue the show and be together with the cast as a group. Also if Lea would have said she can’t return to set, this would have cost about 500 people their jobs.

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  7. Tragedy strikes Glee

    Today I got a text from my sister saying that Cory Monteith had died. I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it all over the net. This came to me as a shock. I thought he was doing so well after rehab. I feel very sorry for his family, friends and Glee colleagues. It must be horrible, especially for Lea Michele. I hope Cory found peace and is well werever he is now.

    To the ones left behind, I can’t even imagine. I was listening to “I’ll stand by you” performed by Cory as Finn in Seaosn 2. Stay strong. I am very sorry for your loss.

    I got to know him from a view interviews and Glee where he seemed like a very kind funny person. He was the best to play Frankenteen on Glee. He was very talented and I liked his duettes with Lea. His performances will be remembered for sure!

    Glee Season 5 would have started shooting around now I guess. Please take your time to process this terrible event before you go back to work. The true fans will understand if you may come back next year or later this season.

    RIP Cory, way too soon

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  8. Getting new stuff

    I am excited! First I am getting a new 15” notebook soon and it is quite strong: 2,5 GHz i5 Intel processor, 8 GB RAM and 2 GB AMD graphics! Unfortunately the HP notebook is sold out at the time, but as soon as it is available it will be mine! Why do I need this? For editing movies and for The Sims 3 Island Paradise, which is coming out on 27 June. 

    Then I am also excited for the new iPhone which could be on the market this summer! :)

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  9. Weather Apps

    I would like the weather apps to be actually live. At the moment they are updating hourly. Now if my iPhone informed me that it was raining before I got out of bed I wouldn’t got up ;)

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  10. Reunions

    I am afraid that they are not going to happen. No more Friends or Dawson’s Creek. I think I finally accepted that after all the years ;)

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  11. Google Now vs Siri

    I am a little disappointed. I tried Google Now today and it understood every word I said AND replied the needed information. Siri doesn’t understand everything and can’t give right directions where I live. Apple be warned: My contract runs out in December. Then you better have a new iPhone with some improvements or I’ll try Android on a Samsung Galaxy!

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  12. Supernatural renewed for 9th season

    YESSSS!!!! :D

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  13. When dogs take over: “you might not know this yet, but this is our bed now”

    When dogs take over: “you might not know this yet, but this is our bed now”

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  14. Warm and cozy cuddle time

    Warm and cozy cuddle time

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  15. Some nights by fun

    Some nights I stay up listening to music, some nights I call it fun

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